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Green Bubble Tip Anemone Shriveled Up


I brought a green bubble tip anemone home last night from Down Under and it was looking awesome in my tank (3"-4", neon green) until this afternoon. It started to shrivel up at around 2 pm and it's 10 pm now - he's still all shriveled up and real small. I noticed that he was expelling what looked like waste (poop) from its center, but that was about 6 hours back.

Is this normal? Do GBTAs stay like that for such a long time? Or is it just a transitional thing since he has been in my tank for only a day now?

His tentacles seem to be moving a little bit, so I know he's still alive.

Water Params (tested at Down Under last night):

Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate: 0
PH: 8.1
Calcium: 360
KH: 7
Sp. Gravity: 1.024
Phosphate: 0

Have you experienced anything similar like this before with your GBTA?

I have 50/50 Daylight/Actinic PC and he's about 4" from the top of the aquarium on a rock.

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I thought anemones needed stronger light than PCs?

Kim at CritterHeaven

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How many bulbs do you have on your 56 gallon and what length is the bulb or bulbs? If it is just one bulb on your 56 gallon I would say it needs more light for sure. It may be responding to going from way more light to a much lower light setting. BTA's can and have done ok under PC bulbs but depending on the size tank would depend on what size bulb and how many you would need. I had one under 2 65 watts in 30 gallon one time with pretty good results. It still reached for the light but faired pretty well, i did end up giving it to someone in the end as it finely got way too big for my tank and other corals and stayed up at the tip top all the time.


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yeah ide take a stab and say its the light as well, i took mine from pc's to a 400w mh the anemone climbed all the way to the top of the rock and bathed in it for a week, then moved down and made a home between a few rocks where clarki would host it. i know bubble tips like to find a little crevice to be in and feel secure with a good amount of light.
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I have two lightbulbs (both long U-shaped), one 65W Actinic and the other 65W 12K daylight for a total of 130W.

Based on a bit of Googling I've gathered that this lighting should be okay (not great) for my GBTA - and the anemone is only 4" from the top (light).

Please take a look at:

If you scroll down to the info section, you will find the following:

Tank Light : Minimum recommended lighting levels would be 50/50 (actinic/10,000k daylight bulbs) power compacts in tanks with standard depth (24 inches).

My tank is not that deep, so I think it should be ok.
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The light is the bare minimum but after only a day my guess is that it doesn't have anything to do with the light. (FYI, The actinic bulb does not contribute much to PAR so essentially you are keeping it under 1 65w bulb.)

How long have you had your tank set up? What are your parameters tonight? Did you add anything else? What else is in your tank?


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ive kept a bta in a tank with less light for a month before i put it in with the mh, but my next question would be how long did you acclimate? they're relatively sensitive although ive put one of mine through hell before when i was just getting started, but when ive had them it can be common for them to go through the initial shock of being in a new system and adjusting but after 2 days i would be concerned if it doesnt fill out some.
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Sounds like it is just purging, getting used to the new tank. It should perk right back up tomorrow.

Oh, and Kim, BTA's can do just fine under PC's.
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Everyone is downing on the light levels! I've successfully kept a BTA under two 55w PC in a 20g tank for over three years now. It used to be under two 65w PCs, but strangely enough it seems to do better under the slightly lower light. It was purchased when small, around 3" when expanded, and now expands to well over a foot in diameter. I will say that it's a case-by-case scenario, PCs wont do it for everyone, but it can and does work. Keep it up high and throw in some supplemental feedings weekly and it should be fine.

As for the shriveling, I'd say that it's just getting acclimated to your tank. You may have to give it a few days to get comfortable and open all the way up again.

Enjoy the BTA, let us know how it progresses.

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How long has your tank been set up? They generally need mature tanks.
I don't know if it is the lights, I kept an anemone under regular flourescent lights in a small/shallow tank for 6 months (i went away and the tank I lost it), but PCs only 4" from the anemone should be fine. Keep in mind it would be much better off with more light, and I wouldn't try this with any other species.

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