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Erica Lyons
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With six votes, Guppies have won the poll for the bowl show fish! Please bring your guppy in a clear, watertight container to October's meeting. The winning guppy will take home their name on this award.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Does entering a fish in the bowl show mean it's for sale?
A: No, bowl show fish are not automatically for sale. Although, you're welcome to place them in the auction if you'd like. The bowl show is a great way to make everyone in the club look at your fish. (Bowl show judging is done by us all filing past the fish and voting for our favorite)

Q: Does entering the fish in a bowl show hurt it?
A: No, if properly done a bowl show does not affect the fish at all. Even delicate cichlids are routinely transported to and from a bowl show with no issues . Here is a "How To" from a club with a monthly cichlid bowl show: BowlShow

Q: Can I enter more than one fish in the bowl show?
A: Yes, a person can have as many bowl show entries as they'd like.

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