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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is there a member fee for joining the club, attending the meetings, etc?
A: No, it's free to come to meetings. We won't ask you for money, it's free and always will be.

Q: What's a meeting like?
A: People show up around 7:30 and start setting up and browsing through auction goods. From 8-9, we all listen to the month's speaker. At 9, we have a bowl show. Around 9:15 we start the auction.

Q: Does being in a bowl show hurt the fish?
A: No, we pick species that are easily transported. Most months it is a betta bowl show, and they travel fine. Even delicate fish like cichlids can be shown in a bowl show if the right steps are taken to prepare the fish for travel. Here is an example of a cichlid club that has a bowl show every month and has written instructions for how to transport fish safely to and from the bowl show: BowlShow
This month by popular vote the bowl show topic is guppies. Please bring your guppy or guppies in a clear, watertight container.

Q: Does entering my fish in the bowl show mean it's for sale?
A: No, bowl show fish are not automatically for sale. But if you want to sell your fish in the auction later, entering it in the bowl show is a great way to make people look at it. Bowl show judging consists of everyone walking by the bowls and picking their favorite fish. The votes are then counted and the most frequently favorited fish is the winner.

Q: Auction? Can I have more details about that?
A: Sure. There is an auction goods table and a fixed price table. When you arrive with things to sell, you put them down on one of those tables. During the meeting, people browse through them. At the end of the meeting, our auctioneer asks the seller for their starting bid price and then sees how high people want to go. The winning bidder then gives the seller cash. The club does not keep any of the winning bid, nor charge any money for you entering items into the auction. You're welcome to sell anything aquarium related. We've seen fish, plants, corals, macroalgae, filters, reptile heat lamps, decorations, medications, etc sold in the past.

Q: Cool! I'm interested in coming! Where do I park?
A: Parking is free, and Lot T on this map is the closest to Winston Hall.

Q: Can I bring a friend? My kids? My spouse?
A: Yes! Everybody is welcome. We will even try to have aquarium themed coloring pages for kids at most meetings.

Q: How many people usually attend the average meeting?
A: We've increased attendance since we first started meeting in the fall of 2013 to now expect between 10 and 30 people at each meeting. Make us bigger by bringing your friends The more the merrier!

7:30 people start arriving, mingling and browsing through the auction goods.
8:00 speaker starts
9:00 ish guppy bowl show. Bring your guppy(ies)and see if they're the crowd favorite.
9:15 ish auction. The club does not take any percentage of sales. What people bid is what the seller gets. People have in the past brought fish, macroalgae, corals, plants, equipment, heat lamps for reptiles, aquarium decorations, etc. Feel free to bring anything aquarium related.

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