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Helluva a job my friend, I did it on a 220 acrylic I had...ugh...your's looks like a great sanding so far...should look clear as can be after the 3 Novus products man.

Originally Posted by GnarleyMarley View Post
As for the tank, I picked up an acrylic tank from a member a couple months ago, and the plan was to sand it down and start new I looked at glass, but I really wanted a new clean tank without any scratches and the only way I could swing it was to put in a little elbow grease.

So anyways, I started sanding it yesterday, and it was not easy LOL. I manage to get the left side in & out, as well as the inside of the front in about 4-5 hours.

I started with a 1000 grit, then worked my way up to a 2000, then 3 stages of novus all by hand, and finally Plastix to finish it off. And I must say it turned out pretty good. Unfortunatley, pretty good is not what I am aiming for, so it was back to square one.

After I finished there were still a few deep scratches that I could not get out with the 1000 grit paper. So it was back to Lowes. I picked up[ some 600 grit and started again. I sanded frint, sides, and top in and out with the 600 grit, then went over it and where ever there was a deep scratch I had missed I filled it in with a sharpie, then sanded until the scratch was gone. I spen 8 hours on the tank today and only managed to get the 600 grit done. So maybe tomorrow I can get started with the 1000.

Heres, a couple shots of the first try & then where I'm at today...

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