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Yellow perch are fw Fish, why don't you just tap into a aquifer with a well, and just run a steady supply of fresh water into the system. That's what we did at the aquaculture facility I worked at. We raised & bred hybrid striped bass, Koi, and small mouth bass. Our Fish were grown out in ponds, but bred in large raceways, and pool deck. The way it was set up was, we ran fresh water from a well through a large blower that housed ceramic honeycomb the water would trickle down which would remove any suffer, and other polutants, then the clean water was pumped into a pool housing the fish. The pools all had stand pipes that would drain the excess water. I can't see a protein skimmer being beneficial at all, as it won't produce the foam properly in a fw system. I'm still good friend with the owner, and we also used to do a lot of work with nc state by providing white and stripped bass to them around breeding time I'm sure I could get him to talk to u about what they do if you want. Granted they are much larger (50+ 2acre ponds) than what u are trying to accomplish, but they have been in the biz for almost 30 years, and they are a wealth of knowledge
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