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gerald 10-17-2011 10:50 AM

Box turtle babies
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I found SEVEN new babies in my box turtle pen this fall - the most I've ever found alive in one year. Four hatchlings, apparently from the larger mother, are about 35 mm shell length. The other three, apparently from the smaller and older mother, are about 26-28 mm. The smallest one is a bit deformed; dunno if he'll make it. Anyway they're CUTE!

elbowdeep 10-17-2011 10:55 AM

That is awesome....Tell us more about this pen you have set up. Im interested in doing something similar to this.

hypnoj 10-17-2011 11:08 AM

very cool!

sfreas2001 10-17-2011 11:14 AM

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wow ! They are so adorable.

LKGRenegade22 10-17-2011 11:25 AM

I've seen the little pen. It's really neat!

Gerald what do you do with the babies? I know you told me but I don't remember. I'm thinking I want me a little turtle pen now!

sfreas2001 10-17-2011 11:33 AM

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I want one too! Let's hear some details on this setup and see some pics.

gerald 10-17-2011 12:16 PM

The pen is about 5 x 10 feet, built up against the SE side of my house where it gets morning sun for about 4-5 hrs. The house foundation and HVAC unit form two of the walls. The other two walls are about 2' high, built of 6 x 8 landscape timbers. I cut some wire refrigerator shelves in half the long way perpendicular to the wires (not easy) and pounded them into the ground to make a barrier against burrowing, then built up the timber walls on top. The pen is divided with a sheet of aluminum flashing so the male has his own side, and the two females and juvies are on the other. He's 11 yrs old and a terror; only allowed with the girls when supervised. (The old mom, probably 30-ish is his mother). Their hibernating pit is a hole about 20" deep and 20" diam that I fill with a mix of sawdust and leaves. I need to dig it out and cut away tree roots every fall before the turtles go down for the winter. Babies I keep indoors in winter (with UV reptile bulb) the first 2 or 3 winters before I leave them out to hibernate. I rarely ever see where the eggs are laid; I just find hatchlings about Sep-Oct. Some hatchlings are tricky to get them started eating. Tiny slugs seem to be the best first food for finicky hatchlings.

anirishnut 10-17-2011 12:27 PM

They are so cute!

reeffreak 10-17-2011 01:15 PM

How cool is that!

salty sap 10-17-2011 02:10 PM

congrats gerald! this is so cool. I have tried turtles before and can never get them to eat properly. Good luck with the hatchlings

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