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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Hey guys I am selling one of my old set ups. It is a 55 gallon standard tank with a custom stand. The stand is enclosed on the bottom and water proofed with boat bottom paint to stand up to plenty of wear and tear and keep your floor dry if there are any leaks. The doors for the stand haven not...
  2. Member's Tanks and Setups
    After having a 10 gallon low tech tank, I decided I wanted to go bigger. I bought this used 55 gallon with a lot of junk in it. After sifting through it, I added Scott's organic topsoil from Walmart and capped it with some Quikrete playsand Added some java fern and anubias nana to help with...
  3. Polls & Opinions
    I am setting up a 55 gallon planted tank and I am trying to place this piece of wood. Which orientation looks best? Just try to imagine that the big rock is not there! This is probably more natural since the roots are going out and the main shoots are pointed up: closeup of option 2: Or...
  4. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Please PM me if you have any drilled aquarium for sell with stand between 30 to 55 gallon. Not interested in any bow-front aquariums.
  5. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    We are selling our 55gallon saltwater tank. Comes with octopus hang on back skimmer rated for 125. Stand all accessories, asking 250 also have ro unit will let go for 100 . Only been used a few times and we paid about 300 for it. U can call or text at three 3 six four 2 six two thousand or just...
  6. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    REDUCED - Aquariums for Sale - 55G, 20G Tall, 10G, 10G Tall SOLD - I'm selling my full 55 gallon aquarium setup. I've loved this setup but I'm moving and I need this gone ASAP. I'm not breaking it apart yet because I need everything gone. 1 x 20 Gallon Tall w/ 4-5 bags of Eco Complete...
  7. General Saltwater Discussion
    this is a couple of pics of les and my 55 gal build. It is slowly, but surely coming along nicely!! let me know what yall think!
1-7 of 7 Results