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  1. Member's Tanks and Setups
    I might have posted this in the wrong section before but here is my build thread on Reefcentral. I will be updating daily. New 75 gallon Aqueon build - Reef Central Online Community
  2. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    75 gallon, must be clean and no scratches. Also plumbed would be nice and a nice stand. I dont care about sump tank or skimmer as i already have that.
  3. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Has a sump, protein skimmer, powerhead Very nice T5 lighting which has produced the biggest mushroom leather you will ever see I really want to go bigger Best offer or trade Private message me Looking for $400
  4. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I currently have a tiger oscar in a 40 gallon breeder tank. He/She is quickly going to outgrow the tank and I would really like to get my fish into a 90 gallon tank as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have something available.
  5. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I MUST SELL THESE ITEMS IMMEDIATELY! This is about $800 worth of stuff here I'm letting go for $330. If interested, please contact Kendra at (336) 580-3871. Thanks! Note: We are located in Kernersville, NC 75 gallon All Glass Aquarium Black Cabinet Stand Current Nova Extreme 4X54w HO T5+Lunar...
  6. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I have a 75 Set up, drilled tank, stand (black pine), canopy (black pine), sump with built in skimmer, pumps, glass tops, etc. Does not have any lights. In Wilmington. $250.
1-6 of 6 Results