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  1. Breeding Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates
    So I have three red eye puffer two females and one male. The male has been getting really colorful and fat. I noticed they were starting to do a possible mating dance. I have no Java moss for them to lay eggs on but 3 marimo moss balls. Any ideas on how to deal with the possibility of little red...
  2. Breeding Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates
    hey guys, i have a question, i have a few black banned sun fish that i have had now for over a year. i'm think of breeding them or some more. what wood i need to do this out side? can i use a large storage tub? what sour i use in the bottom? should the water be filtered or can i do water...
  3. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Selling my mated pair of maroon clowns.. Female is large around 4.5 inches, the male is around 2 or 2.5 inches.. They were done with them after a study done on them at uncw marine science building and I acquired them.. 100 obo or am open to trade for coral or more peaceful fish.. 9107773428
  4. Marine Fish, Inverts and Algae Discussion
    On my third brood of h. reidii. My biggest problem is feeding. Should I buy a microscope and scalloped slides for counting the rotifer density? If so, where can I get a cheap microscope and more importantly the special slides that hold 3 one mL liquid samples? In my first brood when fry died...
  5. Breeding Marine Fish and Invertebrates
    I've always thought it would be interesting to have saltwater fish breed in one of my tanks. I've had it happen multiple times with a variety of freshwater fish, but until recently, not with any saltwater fish. I had really hoped our black and white occellaris clowns (which we've had pretty much...
1-5 of 5 Results