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clownfish breeders
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    Hello name is Johnny retired, have been in this amazing hobby for nearly 20 years. I'm a clownfish breeder. I currently reside in Spring Hill, Florida
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    If your considering in clownfish breeding!! Here is a great and fairly new breeding system. This was purchase and build August 2012 All tanks including the sump were purchase new from Petco. All in mint condition no visible scratches, no cracks and no leaks. This stand is a custom built...
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    Thought I wanted to try breeding clownfish, time consuming! I have 3 pairs of beautiful healthy clownfish. First Breeder Pair- Black Onyx Clownfish - Adult - Breeders...WYSIWYG Female: being the larger is about 4"+in size. She is a C-Quest Black Onyx. Male: is 3"+". He is a wild caught...
1-3 of 3 Results