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  1. Water Chemistry
    So I am going to be setting up a doser in the next week and I had a question about 2-part. Right now I am dosing approximately 10ml of 2-part/day and dosing Kalk in the ATO that is pretty diluted (1/2g of completely settled Kalk mixed with 1g of RODI) and it keeps my Alk/Ca happy and also keeps...
  2. Lighting, Filtration, Other Equipments Products
    Once I move, I plan on finally completing my setup and purchasing a dosing pump in the next month. I would like to have 3 individual pumps (for Alk, Ca, and Mg - or replacing Mg with my liquid blender mush fish food while I am on vacation) that are completely programmable. I have looked into a...
1-2 of 2 Results