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  1. Want to Buy Coral Give Away

    Adoption & Give Away
    This hobby used to be very social and cooperative. If you have fast growing corals and want to help out some fellow reefers, post what you have here and your location. Many of us would love to drive and pick some up! I’ve found that what goes around, comes around. I am working on getting...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    :sweet::party: This summer you're invited to to a FRAG SWAP at Coastal Reef, Saturday, June 29 from 12pm-6pm. Come enjoy a community event and weekend at the beach. Free to participate but registration is required. Sign in at noon, Swap begins at 1. See our website for specifics and registration...
  3. Polls & Opinions
    We're trying to set a date for a Frag swap in Wilmington at Coastal Reef, and would like your input for a date that works for yall. Which Saturday would you prefer? November 24 (Sat after Thanksgiving) or December 1? Thanks!
  4. Sales From Local Fish Shops
    Join us this Saturday for a huge coral sale and frag swap. Bring some frags and leave with new frags for your tank for FREE!! If you choose to participate in the swap activity bring 1-3 frags to put into the “community tank” (Please bring something nice to swap.) For each frag that you bring to...
  5. Frag/Fish/etc. Swap Events
    We are excited to announce the we will be holding an old school frag swap in our store Saturday April 28th from 12-4. We ask that you register up until the day of to bring 1-3 frags to swap (if you're interested in bringing more please talk to Skeet from Coastsal Reef and we can work something...
  6. Reef & Coral Discussion
    The roundtable discussions are something that The Reef Farm used to do a few times a year, but have gotten lost in the shuffle of summer activities. I am hoping to revive it as there are so many new people that are joining the hobby. I, and The Reef Farm, have always believed that the success...
  7. Frag/Fish/etc. Swap Events
    On Saturday, April 24, 2010, the Columbia Marine Aquarium Club (CMAC) welcomes Scott Fellman as he gives a presentation entitled "Aquascaping for the Aesthetically Challenged" and hosts a frag swap. While the full details may be found in this thread on our club's website, including Scott...
1-8 of 13 Results