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  1. For Sale Angel Fish

    Adoption & Give Away
    Two black and one light angel fish for adoption. Fully grown. Nothing wrong just need to move across country and cannot take them with me.
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  2. Adoption & Give Away
    I have 1 electric blue acara cichlid that has been raised from a small fish to an adult and is in good health. Changing to a planted tank setup and need to find a home for it. Free!!! I live south of Charlotte, NC in Rock Hill, SC. Text me at 803-207-4971 if interested for fastest response or...
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  3. Adoption & Give Away
    Hey all, I have about 20 Cichlids that I'd like to give away which were born a few months ago and are now about 1" - 1.5" long. See the photos below. I have a 45 gallon tank with about 40 Cichlids in it and I'm getting tired to vacuuming the gravel every week to keep it clean! For most of the...
  4. Adoption & Give Away
    I'm relocating for a year out west and have to get rid of a ton of freshwater fish. Get them for FREE before I give them to the area pet shops. Lima shovel nose catfish, beautiful specimen, about a foot long. Gar Fish, super healthy and great feeder. Also about a foot long. Head standers...
1-4 of 7 Results