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fresh water
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    I am selling my 29 gallon high fish tank with stand. It is currently up and running as fresh water. Price will include everything which is not only the tank and stand but all the decorations, gravel, heater and filter. Currently there are no fish in the tank. Asking $125. Tank is located in...
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    Setting up a 20 gallon FW tank and looking for some plants to stock it with. It will be a community tank for some platies, rasboras, and some Cory Cats. I am not tied to any particular plant but looking for some diversity and plants that do not need CO2.
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    I have a healthy and fat synodontis angelicus catfish that is a little over 8". I dont really want to sell him but i am cleaning out some live stock to make room for a newer salt water tank. This catfish at this size goes for $150 easily. I am asking $50.
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    I have a 55 gallon tank full of fresh water fish that I want to sell so i can change my tank out. a lot of cherry barbs, bannana barbs, candy canes, akillies fish red tail shark, ram, who knows what else. I want to make my african tank bigger but to do that I need to get rid of my fresh...
1-4 of 4 Results