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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Marineland Emperor 400, Aqua Tech 30-60, and two 24 inch 19 watt max lights/hood for For Sale: I have a Marineland Emperor 400 filter and two 24 inch fluorescent light/hood fixtures with a max of 19 watts that came with a 55 gallon. Everything works, filter has the biowheels and makes some...
  2. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    My husband is buying a 160 g bow front tank, does anyone have a hood for sake to fit this?
  3. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Does anyone make custom made tank lids?? Or do u know where I could get one?? My tank has no top and I would like to get one made
  4. Lighting, Filtration, Other Equipments Products
    I bought a couple ballasts on e bay and am trying to work out the hook up. It came with a mongol base but i prefer hqi, is there any reason i couldn't change it? what is every ones opinion on changing it? I have noticed that the cost of hqi is less and they take up less space in the hood? My...
1-4 of 4 Results