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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Hello, I have a CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium - Small, just over two weeks old...still have the box. Just like new! Decided to change my system entirely, so my loss is your gain. $120 OBO I paid $168 plus tax. Pick up or...
  2. General Saltwater Discussion
    I am moving from a 60 cube, 24 sump to a 75 and 20 long sump. I bought a sock addon for my sump and when i put it on i realize i cannot fit my skimmer in the section with it. So now i need to reconfigure out my game place. I was going to have my section 2 a refugium with Matrix and Chaeto. Can i...
  3. DIY Section
    I have priced them out and for 1/4 inch plate glass its going to be around 18 a piece. Anyone in the glass business that can do this cheaper? Seems pretty high.
  4. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I am looking for around a 30g sump/refug. Anyone have anything for sale? Also please send dimension so i can make sure it fits in the stand i have. Thanks.
  5. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Looking to add a sump to an existing freshwater setup. I would be interested in buying a 20-30 gallon that is already set up as a sump, or even just a an empty tank that I can customize. I'm in the Durham area
  6. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Hey guys! I'm looking to stock my new refugium, so i need some macro algae and live rock rubble. Its a small section of a small sump, so I don't need much. Let me know what you have. I live in Pittsboro but work in Durham and comment to Clayton every other week. Thanks! Oh if anyone wants to...
  7. DIY Section
    Hey everybody so I'm setting up a 18g mantis tank with 20l sump/refugium. I want to make this a display refugium. This will be a skimmerless setup. It's a 3 chamber sump but not your normal one. The drain section will be in the back of the sump, fuge will take up most of the front of the sump...
  8. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    SOLD SeaLife Systems Premier Series Sump $40 (Morrisville) SOLD SeaLife Systems Premier Series Sump $40 (Morrisville) Used on a 90 gallon reef tank. No chemicals, no leaks. Comes with a refugium that can be plumbed in. Some pieces of the refugium are missing so no charge for it. *CASH ONLY...
  9. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Looking for miscellaneous equipment.... 10g and 15g tall (20x10) -looking for a better light than 4xt5 ... must be complete working and any ballast -small uv sterilizer like the biocube or similar 55gal (48in x 12) -light atleast t5 or better..complete...working....with any ballast...
  10. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Moving and need to sell my 47 column aquarium. Comes with a 150 watt 14k HQI metal halide with electronic HID ballast and a Phoenix bulb that was used for two weeks. Also comes with a CPR bak pak refugium with pump and 11" Coralife T5 two bulb light for fuge.. 375 obo
1-10 of 22 Results