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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    Hi looking for dwarf seahorses live in VA.
  2. Aquarium Emergency Forum
    My dog knocked over my brine shrimp hatchery and I don't know how long my dwarf sea horses will do without! Can anyone help? In VA
  3. Adoption & Give Away
    I guess there's 400 fry born this morning. I like to deal with 50. So 350 free, though I don't recommend you take more than 100. My schedule is really odd this week but pm me and we'll try to get you some of these tiny things. Andy
  4. Adoption & Give Away
    Need to thin a recent brood of h. reidii. Looks like 400 or so, can give you some if you're up to raising them. So far I've had no luck past 4 weeks but thinning them should help. PM me.
  5. Marine Fish, Inverts and Algae Discussion
    On my third brood of h. reidii. My biggest problem is feeding. Should I buy a microscope and scalloped slides for counting the rotifer density? If so, where can I get a cheap microscope and more importantly the special slides that hold 3 one mL liquid samples? In my first brood when fry died...
  6. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I need 2 goldfish bowls (2 gallon size) for seahorse breeding. Have one brood in a 3 gal pico tank now but the shape is not perfect for my needs. Plastic or glass condition irrelevant as long as water tight. Seahorses have mated again so I have 2 weeks to get a better system up. I'm in...
  7. General Saltwater Discussion
    I just converted a FW 29g to a saltwater tank. I am interested in a seahorse tank. I have an over the back Elite hush 35 filter, heater, sand and artificial plants. What are your recommendations on powerhead and skimmer and anything else I may need? I am looking to get 2-3 seahorses. Tank...
1-7 of 11 Results