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  1. Fish and Coral Diseases
    I've had 2 mollies, a guppy, and a female betta living happily in a 10 gallon with several live plants for well over a year now. My oldest molly has some sort of sickness or something I've never seen before and I can't quite find it searching on the internet. His right fin( I believe its called...
  2. Marine Fish, Inverts and Algae Discussion
    I have a florida condy anemone in my tank and its been in there for the past few months and its been moving around a lot. it finally found a place to be but its tentacles have been looking sick and deflated, attached is a picture of it. does anyone know what i can do for it? its in a 10 gallon...
  3. Fish and Coral Diseases
    i have a 29 gallon. 3 damsels, starfish, inverts, ect; when i came from school i noticed he had a purplish color on his eyes and they look bigger. he hasnt been eatting past 2-3 days, but physically looked fine. now hes hiding and his eyes look larger and purple like color and around his...
1-3 of 3 Results