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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I am in Myrtle Beach. I am looking for snails. Thanks!
  2. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    LOCATED IN RICHLANDS NC i am breaking down my system and have some livestock for sale, it is a package deal for a steal 1 yellow tang 4" 3 chromis 2" male extreme snowflakeclown 2" plus mocha clown female 3" female snowflake clown 3" plus black and white clown 2" large cleaner shrimp large...
  3. Fish and Coral Diseases
    I have a 75G Reef setup. It's been up a little over a year and I've had no problems at all with it. About 2 months ago I purchased a Diamond head goby...ever since then, my corals have looked absolutely terrible. I don't know if him stirring up the sand so much started a cycle and killed them...
  4. Other Fish & Aquaria Discussion
    I'm looking for a place that would have freshwater snails that are easier to breed than mystery/apple to start my own population to feed my puffer but so far I've only found a place in Cary (Petpad) but their customer service is on par with talking to a wall. Anyone have advice/a good place I...
1-4 of 20 Results