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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    LIVESTOCK- Purple live rock (250 lbs) - $2/lb Live sand (275-350 lbs) - $50 2x X-Large Brittle Starfish (brown) - $20/each Large Brittle Starfish (Red) - $25 3x Ocellaris clownfish - $10/each or $25/3 Large (6-7") Betta Grouper (breed female) - $100 Snails & Hermit crabs - $35 for all 5x Sea...
  2. Identification
    Any idea what is going on here? This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen this... The first time I saw it I thought it was a fight and people suggested the starfish was on it's way out and the peppermint was just jumping in a little early - but that was months ago and the starfish is perfectly...
  3. Marine Fish, Inverts and Algae Discussion
    I recently purchased a serpent starfish about a month ago and it seemed to of been doing alright, i fed it and its been eating but i looked at its arms and where there used to be points there are now jsut stubs on the arms. i have read a bit about starfish death and that they tend to...
1-3 of 6 Results