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  1. For Sale / WTB / Trade
    I'm searching for a spare InTank magnet for a Tunze 9002, to hold the skimmer to the biocube wall. Thanks, PM or text me if you have one. Wayne (252) 259-4536
  2. General Saltwater Discussion
    After 15 years of cobbling stuff together, I finally went the "out of the box" route with a 28-gal JBJ Nanocube. I bought a Tunze Nano DOC 9002 skimmer, which is even recommended for the nanocube on JBJ's website. Reality hit as I tried to put the two together. Not possible, without sawing...
  3. General Saltwater Discussion
    I recently purchased a biocube 29 from LFS thats going out of business. I got the tank for pretty cheap with stand and everything in it. It came with LR, LS, Maroon Clown, yellow damsel, some snails, sand sifting star, theres a shrimp that hides a lot but looks pretty big so it might be a...
1-3 of 3 Results