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100 gallon corner reef tank aquarium with stand & canopy (Cary)

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Check out my ad on Craigslist - open to reasonable offers, just want this to have a good home.

100 gallon reef tank- corner aquarium with canopy and stand

$700 or reasonable offers.

This is a 100 gallon tank (some call it 92 corner but with sump it's over 100) built to fit in the corner of a room. The stand and canopy are dark brown painted solid wood and custom made by RMG construction ( and built to last. There are so many extras to list but will hit the main ones here:

100+ pounds of live aragonite substrate (preferred to crushed coral or sand IMO)
100+ pounds of live rock covered in coraline algae
Hyodor circulation pump (moves good bit of water)
chemicals (reef calcium, 1/2 bag of salt, alkalinity boost, etc)
Three five gallon jugs with lid for buying / mixing water changes
Gold stripe maroon clown, small bicolor angel, large sleeper goby to sift sand, large coral banded shrimp, 3 peppermint shrimp, tons of dragon eye zoanthids (multiple colonies) tons of fuzzy mushrooms, xenia polyps, button polys, some stuff i don't know what it is, ricordea and elephant ear that's as big as a salad plate and also a couple cool polyps i can't recall what they are called but semi neon and look like trumpets only with fingers
Sump holds another 15 lbs or so of live rock and some chaeto
Return pump is a new Triton 5 (yeah it's powerful)
There's a UV sterilizer as well in the sump and it has a new bulb as well as a 2nd replacement bulb (I thought the replacement bulb was DOA but it was in the wiring so got new adapter from manufacturer and had already ordered a 2nd bulb).
There's also a remora skimmer which is quiet and a fairly new heater
The lights are dual power compact and it's bright, I have brand new dual-sun bulbs in there which were $50 each. I used to have a 3rd PC bulb over the tank but was over kill and water was getting too warm. The PC bulbs are brand new I replaced them 3 weeks ago.

Open to serious offers only selling as moving to Tennessee and haven't closed on house there yet so timing is bad and plan to do 1 massive tank instead of a few smaller ones (sold 75 and also selling a 25 reef now). Also willing to sell livestock / rock as may break down if don't sell as a whole.
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What are the dimensions from corner to outside ?

sorry just sawy this didn't get notified.

can you PM me or text 919- four three four - 4 OH three 1 and i'll send those-

40" from the front corner to the back wall or 36" from the back wall corner to the middle of the tank.

42" the tank bottom is from the ground 64" the tank top and the whole thing is 78" tall.
BTTT price change - open to offers
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willing to part out livestock / hardware
bttt willing to take reasonable offers

Everything is SOLD thanks everyone
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