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125 fish tank

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For sale is a 125 tank, stand and canopy (canopy will be painted first). Also included is an over flow box, the sumps below and the plumbing. Will sale all for 700 obo.
If you want you can have the sand in it.
Price reduced
Tank stand canopy and we will throw in a wet dry sump for 300 need gone by April 9th. Going on vacation!!
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Also have a 90 gallon tank and stand for sale 250.00 or will trade for a smaller cube tank want to do a seahorse tank!! I have a sump I can add with this setup.
Come get asap and will let got for 200.00 with two buckets of used sand/crushed coral.
There is a 27gal cube at pet supplies plus down here.
What comes with the 90 gal? Just tank and stand?
I have a sump we can put w it. I have the old t5s for it but ballast needs replacing
What light comes with the 45. And do you have a better pic of how the stand for the 125 is built?
Would you sell the 1 of the sumps alone?
Which sump to you want. I have two of the refugiums. And just the plain 20.
Here is the other sump I have it came with my 180.
Will sale the sump below for 50.00 or trade for corals.
Bump 125 is available again.
45 corner PENDING
Price reduced 300 if gone by the 9th Wednesday will get tank stand canopy and a wet dry sump.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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