Getting out of hobby for now. I have a 125 reef looking to break down.

Lighting g2 t5 hybrid 4 bulb 62"

3 ai prime 16hd

1ai prime hd

2 meeting was

1 dos pump

Neptune atk

Bashsea sump

Jebao dc return pump

Reef octopus 150 int regal

Ffm module

Lsm module 3 led strand

Kalkwasser reactor

Pm2 module with temp and ph probe

2 rainbow bta

Diamond goby that eats prepared food

Sailfin tang

Blue chromis

Firefish that doesn't nip corals but eats aptasia

Clownfish someone gave me dunno what kind

Frammer with two heads

Green torch with pink tips

Rasta zoa colony ~200 heads

Paly zoas bunch of heads x2

Duncan coral 1 head


Kryptonite candy cane

Misc zoa and mushrooms

1 yellow ricordia

125 gallon 6ft tank glass has scratches it's old no leaks and stand. Will not pay out until livestock is safely removed. Pm for details/pics