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Getting out of the hobby tank set up sale. Would like to sell this as a package deal, eventually will part out if it does not sell. No trades as I am not looking to set up another tank.


Marineland Perfecto 125 RR tank-no scratches-like new
Stand-not like new, needs painting
30ish gallon sump tank
Reef Octopus SRO 2000 skimmer-less than a month old
Reefbreeders Photon 48
Two Maxxspect Razors 120w
One MP40
Two Tunze Powerheads

Onespot Foxface
Tomini Tang
Yellow Tang
Maroon Clown
2 ft Snowflake eel-does not eat fish or CUC
Four Reef Chromis
Three damsels
Lawnmower blenny
Six line wrasse
Sunrise dottyback

Corals etc.
Several rock flower anemones-Various colors
Three green base pink tentacle BTA
Rainbow lobo
Kenya trees
Various polyps

CUC-snails, brittle stars, fighting conchs, hermits, etc.

Lots of live rock, black sand, but does have some aiptasia on the rock.

Package price $1250

Located in Hubert. Sorry about crappy phone pic, best I can do right now.


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Anyone that is seriously interested and wants more pics of the set up please pm me with a good email address to send them to. I don't get up here often so pm is the best way to get up with me as I will get an email alert that I have a private message and will know to check.

Also to answer other questions I have not decided to start parting out yet so I do not have individual prices on the livestock or equipment/tank/stand at this time.

Thanks everyone.
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