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Saltwater Aquarium

Gen 2 Radion 2 years old
New Gen 3 Radion 6 month old warranty replacement
Octopus skimmer- Elite 150 SSS
2- Eco tech MP 40 Quite Drive one year old
Calcium Reactor with controller and tank-PM with tank and Carbon CO2 dossier-about 350.0Jehm temp controller
Milwaukee MC-122 PH meter
Litter meter
Trigger System 40 gallon sump
Fuge Light AL
Vortech Pump M2 1 mont old
2 Heaters Titanium
140 gallon Starphire glass
Aquarium Stand is custom built of solid Red Oak ,hired cabinet maker to build and its done right, will hold a car.Approx 200-250 lb and has been painted with water resistant painted inside.
3 Wrasses
1Yellow Tang
Black Ice Clownfish
Corals and 2 Aninemities ( split from one and has split several times)
130 LB Rock from Reef Keepers in Clayton

Tank has been set up approx 1 year
Wallace 919-621-2097
SALE Price is
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