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I'm selling my complete system due to life changes and lack of time and interest.
I'd like to sell everything for a package price of $1200. Ill try to list everything but there is a lot. Serious inquiries are welcome to contact me at 9105385647 for questions or to come by and see it. I am located in Wilmington. Thank you for looking.

-150DD 48"-30"-24" w/ stand and glass tops. Not drilled. Overflow system w/ soft plumbing
- 3' Coralife compact fluorescent fixture
- 4' compact fluorescent fixture 4x65w
(All bulbs 4 months old with extra old bulbs for emergency)
- 2x ecoxotic panorama pro led modules with splitter and transformer
- 30 gal sump with return pump
- 10 gal refugium w/ pump, rock, sand, mud,chaeto, and led light
- 15w Aqua uv light
- BRS GFO reactor w/ pump
- Wp40 wavemaker
- maxi jet 1200 w/ rotating deflector
- 3/4 gal BRS GFO
- 1/2 gal BRS calcium chloride
- 1/2 5 gal bucket Red Sea ciral pro salt
- CPR Bakpak protien skimmer (not enough for this tank I know, I just never upgraded)
- Used Red Sea Reef Foundation and Algae control test kits + numerous other test kits
- Coralife RO/DI unit. 5 yr old membrane. Sediment, carbon, and DI replaced 6 months ago. Dual Inline TDS (reading 0)
- Magfloat scrape and smaller Tetra mag cleaner for quick daily use
- Numerous extras- 2x 32 gallon trash cans, buckets, heaters, refractometer, hydrometer, backup pumps, plumbing parts, powerstrips, timers, gallon jugs for 2 part, bucket lid shop vac for easy sump cleaning,etc...etc...

-1- 4" Hippo Tang
-1- Tank bred percula
-3- Blue green chromis
-1- six line wrasse
-1 brittle sea star
- various hermits and snails
-purple montipora cap
-orange montipora cap
-assorted zoas
-pulsing xenia
-160+ lbs live rock
-160 lbs live sand
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