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I'm looking at possibly moving and have decided to start by clearing out fish stuff. First thing is my 180g with livestock.

Package price: $800

I'm not in a big hurry so I'm not ready to part it out. Will do if I can't find someone to take it all!

Tank: 180g with hood and stand. Stand could use some painting but it's definitely solid. One overflow.

Light: Odyssea 4-bulb t-5 with moonlights . There is a MH fixture in canopy but I switched to t-5 for heat reasons.

Sump: 75g? With live rock

ATO: 10g in stand

Skimmer: reef octopus, not sure of size but it's huge!

Other: 55gal drum for saltwater, misc 10gal tanks for QT, heater, powerheads

Livestock: lots of LR. Fish all around 4-5" I'd guess:
2 lemon damsels (one is small)
Clown trigger
Pink tail trigger
Emperor angel, changing
Falcula butterfly

If interested you can PM or text me at 843-245-4548. This thing will require half a day to tear down and several large strong people to move. I rented a uhaul when I picked it up...
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