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1. 55 gallon not drilled with stand and canopy. $200 obo
200 watt marineland stealth heater.
Rena xp-2 Canister filter

2. 18x18 1/2x 10 Glass tank with stand. $150 obo
Stand is 39 inches tall and tank fits perfectly. Tank is not drilled. Front panel of tank is Low Iron Glass. Black silicone built myself. Been setup for 6 months NO leaks. Been building tank/sumps for awhile and never a problem.
Comes with 75w heater and Koralia 1.
Also comes with a cheap LED 14k color spec, enough for soft corals and LPS.

Tanks will be clean and ready for pickup.
I do have to take a flowerhorn to the fish room cary this weekend so the 55 will be ready sat late afternoon/evening.

Will trade both tanks for 125 if there is any interest.
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