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After several months of denying it, I have agreed to part with my reef tank. I have become increasingly allergic to all shellfish and even the simple task of feeding and cleaning my fish tank is becoming an allergic hazard for me. I have had my family feeding and caring for the tank for the past few months but it's just not the same when you can't get in and do things yourself. I have had this tank for about 7 years and have had Aqua Illumination LED lighting installed over 1 year ago. I would like to sell the entire setup and equipment all in one and I have arrangements with someone to move it from my house to yours and set it back up (as long as you are in or near the Raleigh area).

I have put over $6000 into this setup and I'm willing to have it removed and reinstalled for you at $2700.

Again, will move the tank and install it for you as long as you are near the Raleigh area.

The equipment list is as follows:

All Glass Aquarium 210 gallon dual overflow
All Glass (aqueon) Mission stand cherry
aqua illumination LED (3)
Aqua illumination controller
30 gallon refugium with overflow
50 Gallon tank (sump converted)
Tunze turbelle Stream pump x2
ATO auto top off
50 gallon auto top off reservoir
Korallin Calcium reactor (total kit)
magdrive pumps
Sedra Skimmer
R.O. system (Kent marine) with all new filters (including DI membrane)

The tank is still in operation and has several large coral LPS and way too many mushrooms to count. I have 2 variants of frogspawn 1 metallic green at 14" across (didn't count heads) and 1 purple tipped that is about 12" across. Additionally there are a few trumpets (neon - 20 heads) and a 70+ head Duncan. I have included photos below.

If you frag corals, you can pick these up and make a lot with a little work.

I'm looking at $350 for the metallic green
$400 for the purple tip
$400 for the Duncan (it's one huge base)
Mushrooms for sale at $5.00 each (I have way too many to count)
various polyps
white pipe organ $20.00
Neon Trumpet $100.00
various trumpets $3.00/head

Someone has already purchased the fish from me and is waiting on me to get the corals out so we don't damage them catching fish.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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