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210gallon project FS

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$300 includes tank stand canopy 80g sump 75gpd RODI

I have a 6' 210 gallon tank stand and canopy for sale. Like the title says it is a project. The bottom trim has a break in it, I have talked to a couple tank manufacturers and it is structural so it will need to be replaced before water can go in it. The tank was running the day before I got it so other that the trim it is water tight. I would like to get $500 for the setup.

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Not a 125, but I would trade for some equipment for a 40b that I'm building.
Not a 125, but I would trade for some equipment for a 40b that I'm building.
What kind of equipment
Sadly I need everything. Lights skimmer powerheads return pump all the works lol. Only thing I have is tank stand sump and RODI.
Lunch bump :)
I have a bubble magnus protein skimmer that was used for a month. I have it for sale up here.
I may have enough equipment to get your 40 breeder up and running, I also have the ability to fix the tank you have listed. If you are interested in either contact me @ 919-422-4679


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Trade for non aquarium stuff?
What's your very bottom dollar

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Well that depends, I truly wouldn't want to go much lower than 5 if any. We could do a combo cash and equipment swap or maybe work out another transaction. We are pretty far away from each other so getting together is another factor.

If u want to shoot me a pm with what your thoughts are that's cool. I'm sure we could work out something.
Where is the trim cracked?
The crack is on the bottom trim on the right side of the front. The glass is not cracked or damaged just the cold weather made the plastic expand then contract is my guess why it cracked. I would repair it myself but I honestly don't have the time or money to set up a reef of this size. :(
Sorry for the delay it's been a while since I have been on board but yes sir I sure do. :)
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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