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please see my craigslist ad for full info and pics.

Miniature Reef Aquarium - 25 gallon half round cardiff tank

$200 or very nearest offer - well over that in it but moving to another state and need to move this to a good home.

For sale is a 25 gallon cardiff tank. In this tank is about 25 lbs of live sand and 50 pounds of live rock some covered entirely with coraline algae. There is a percula clown a yellow tail blue damsel and a purple pseudochromis as well as a sally lightfoot crab, a bunch of hermits and some nassarius snails. I also have a few mushrooms going in there and some xenia - no aiptasia.

I also have some reef chemicals and a 5 gallon jug i'll throw in as well as a box or two of algone pouches and there's a hydor circulator in there too. The tank has a wet dry trickle filter and protein skimmer built into the back wall of the tank and probably adds 3 gallons so holds maybe 25-27 total. There is s a self-setting heater in the sump that keeps water 78. The light is a current usa dual T5HO with brand new 18 watt 12k power white bulbs (replaced less than a month ago).

I ha e enjoyed this tank but am moving to another state so don't want to deal with the hassle of taking the tank. The stand is kind of mocha/cherry brown color and comes with the tank- just the tank/stand were 300 so come get one loaded with lights, heater, circulator and well-established system (has been setup over 2 years). Oh I also have the magnetic algae scraper and a small siphon.

Thanks for looking - Jon
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