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Located in Denver, NC. (Near Charlotte) Must Pickup (bring buckets)

Price $150

32 Gallon LED Biocube with stand. tank has scratches in the front pane (See pic)
return pump, heater, filters, fish food
~15-20# of established Pukani
1) - RBTA
1) - Female Snowcasso Clown (From Donni's reef)
1) - Male Picasso clown
1) - 3" yellow tang
1) 50 gal reef crystals salt

I have the doors for the stand as well but the paint messed up on the acrylic and needs to be redone, or can be used without them.

I got rid of my big tank last year and could not get completely out, however I do not have the time to properly care for this tank or its inhabitants, so it's gotta go.

Magfloat in pictures not included, but I'm sure I have a regular magfloat I can throw in.

Detailed pic of front scratches (please ignore the slime :spanks: )

Sorry I posted this in the Bargain Bin, The link to the FS/WTB newthread was broken. Admins please move if need be.
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