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1. Deep Blue 36 inch 4 Bulb T5HO lights - SOLD
Bought October 2013 when I first set up my tank, used for about 1 year. It has been in storage since then (as a backup). I've replaced the 2 ballasts and all 4 bulbs.
The good:
1. Better and more reliable ballasts: Philips Advance Centium ICN-2S39 High-Output Programmed Ballast
2. Bulbs (roughly 6 months old): 2x ATI 39W Blue Plus + 2x ATI 39W Coral Plus
3. I've replaced all the sockets as well.
4. all 4 modes work: all 4; 1+3, 2+4, moon lights.

The bad:
1. the small fan inside the light fixture is cracked and no longer works (see pic).
2. 2 out of the 5 moon lights are not working.
3. missing a few screws (does not affect light functionality).
4. no longer have the mounting legs, I hang them over the tank instead.

2. Coralife Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer rated 125 Gallon - SOLD

Purchased at: Aquarium Protein Skimmers: Coralife Super Skimmer Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer
Bought when I first set up my tank. This is the HOB version.
The pump sits inside the tank.
The skimmer works but I've had issues with overflow, not sure why and I've upgraded to another skimmer shortly afterwards.
I've modified the output pipes (see pic) for better performance.
Also have a Tom surface skimmer that I used with it.

3. Original tank lights (24inch) and cover 36inch - SOLD
I think this was the original lights that came with the tank, just wanna get rid of it...

Contact pm me or text (9197933971) if you have any questions.
Pics coming soon.
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