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46g bowfront with all equipment. Live stock is gone, so it's ready to part out!

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46 bowfront that has been drilled- $40.00
OC Reef 72 led light- $85.00
Chemicals and test kits-$20.00
Refractometer- $15.00
DJ plug strip, brand new never used $10.00
RODI system with extra resin, and filters

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Interested in the MP 10 if you part out and can ship . Thanks
Updated with prices, sorry for forgetting to put them in there. Everything is OBO
Updated with prices, sorry for forgetting to put them in there. Everything is OBO
How old is the MP10 ?
Whitney, I would take 350 for everything.

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I also forgot to add, I have a 5 stage RODI system, with 2 estra filter for each stage and resin, and 4 or 5 5 gallon water jugs. I will take $70 for the RODI and filters and jugs together

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Interested in the RO unit. Ever head up near goldsboro?
Please note that the tank had a breakout of red algae while I was deployed overseas. I just don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves. I have good feed back, just ask redreefer. He picked up a couple of fish and shrimp last week

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Pm sent on ro can have someone to pick up tomorrow
Did you sell the flame angel? If not how big is he and has he ever nipped at any corals?
sent a pm, interested in black clown and a few other items
please give me a call
If for some reason you find yourself with the light or mp 10 leftover let me know.

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just so everyone knows, he is on vacation this week. He left Friday, so that's probably why he hasn' t answered th pm' s just yet.
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