I have an acrylic tank that I purchased several years ago to cut down to 12” +/- high and turn into a frag tank. I have not gotten to do that and have been out of the hobby the last couple of years but want to start up again with a 30-gallon tank for my granddaughter.

The tank is made of ¾” acrylic with the front and bottom panels being clear, and the back and side panels being black. The tank is in need of cleaning and polishing if to be anything more than a frag or propagation tank. The tank outer dimensions are 72” long x 24” wide x 30” high. The tank has one corner overflow, and one return in opposite corners of the back panel. I have included several pictures of the tank to provide as much detail as possible. Feel free to ash any additional question as needed. The price for the tank is $100.00 Cash and is non-negotiable. I paid more than that for it when purchased. I will not hold it and will respond back to request on the order received. Thanks for looking at this post.

I can only upload 10 pictures at a time, additional 5 pictures available upon request.