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I have my 90 gallon for sale I don't want to sell it but I got court stuff for my kid, so must part ways. IM NOT PARTING THIS OUT everything must go as one I don't want to get stuck with one thing.

maybe interested in trades +cash
in Gastonia nc

90 gallon tank (drilled off center to left)
light is 4-55w t5s with ati bulbs, 2-250w mh all bulbs are two mouths old
black pine stand
40 gallon sump made by pse I think
reef dynamics ins 80 skimmer( this thing is a beast)
mag 12 return pump
reef concepts cal reactor with new deep blue pump
5lb co2 tank with reg everything for reactor is less then a two mouths old
reef keeper lite with three pc4s and sl1(ph)
I also have an extra head unit for controller still in plastic
diy ato/ with aqualifter
two 5 gallon jugs
I have a ehiem return pump for an extra
I have 2 little fishes reactor gfo/carbon

live stock
yellow tang
coral beauty angle
black clown and reg clown pair
six line wrasse
green damsel
ora green mandarin (he eats fish food)

sally light food crab
small army of hermits
one snail

it has about 75 pounds of live rock
no live sand it is a barebottom tank

red planet
purple bottle bush
green birds nest
green monti
purple monti
orange monti
jedi mind trick monti
pangoda cup monti
green candy cane
green tort
Miami hurricane acro
most of the corals in this tank are sps
three or four more that I don't know the names for

I have some olds and ends stuff as well

ill try to get some pics up when I get home

if you have any ? you can txt me at 704 917 8300

1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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