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Is your fish and coral keeping hobby not time-consuming and expensive enough? Consider branching out into the wonderful world of 3D printing!

I have an unused and unopened Anet A8 3D Printer Kit that was ordered about 10 months ago and I decided it would be too time-consuming and went with a printer that was already partially built. I am currently working three jobs and 60 hours a week. Most reports I have read said this kit should be a weekend project.

To be clear, this is a box of parts that you then put together to build a 3D printer. There are directions and tons of online resources for beginners! Theoretically, all you need to do to put it together is to be able to use a screwdriver. However, to make the printer as safe as possible I recommend you have some basic knowledge of soldering and electrical wiring. You do not need to do any wiring but you will be way better off if you are familiar with what a circuit board looks like and have very basic soldering skills. I can send you links and information on support groups for the printer as well as sites explaining different upgrades that are suggested. It is a Chinese kit and there are several upgrades that are highly recommended for safety purposes (i.e. let's not catch your house or workshop on fire!)

3D printing is a great hobby and very fun. Is also a super useful skill since I have printed many different replacement parts for the house and other objects that serve purposes and are not just decorative though you can make plenty of those too. I can also imagine it would be super useful to an aquarist for printing things like brackets, organizers, and other tank dodads! It looks a bit daunting for a complete beginner, but I'm fairly certain anyone who could run high maintenance planted or reef tanks could easily handle this and is up to the challenge.

The kit is brand new between 149.99 and 179.99 (link below), I will happily sell this to whoever wants it for 120 since it is brand new and unopened. Pick-up in Cary but happy to ship at buyer's expense. I also work in Rocky Mount every day of the week but Tuesday and could meet someone there. Willing to consider trades or partial trades for the following:

-Nano sized media reactor, preferably an outside tank mounted version since the back of the IM 10 is getting crowded.

-Nano sized dosing system again for the IM 10

-Controller for IM 10

-Corals (needs to be frags or small rocks, no more room for big rocks sadly!)
-Trachyphyllia (if you have this I'm highly open to bargain!)
-Acans (bright colors preferred)
-Zoas maybe
-Palys (bright designer ones)
-Beginner friendly and hardy (trying to stay low maintenance) plating or encrusting corals that have a preference for high light and high to medium flow.

PM me if you have any questions about 3D printing or the kit in question. I will probably let this sit here for at least a week before posting on Craigslist or eBay.

Here is the link to the printer. I would take a picture but it's just an unopened cardboard box so use your imagination.

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