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Aquarium, Skimmer, Pumps, Heaters, Power Heads $350 Out the door

This is the last of my setup and parts.

75 Gallon Salt water reef aquarium setup - if everything purchased in single transaction $350

Parts listed below, prices listed or reasonable best offer.

-75 gal dual drilled tank - $75
-40 gal breeder baffled sump - $40
-20 gal tall tank, new/never used - $20
-Reef Octopus NW150 Skimmer, $100
-Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable DC Wavemaker w/ PSU w/o controller - $25
- ~7gal of aragonite sand - $30

-BRS Reactor media reactor, +2 canisters filter units, includes several bags of activated carbon + GFO - $25
-Watson marlow peristaltic pumps, 2 small, 1 large - $50/piece
-Unopened Redsea A, B, C, D, and NO3:pO4X - $20/bottle
-Aquatop media reactor w/ various plumbing - $30
-various power heads, heaters, air pump - $10/piece
-submersable pump, aqua lifter 30gph top off pumps - $25/piece
-75 gal livestock trough (4x2x2 black ABS plastic)- $50
-plumbing parts- from 1/2 to 2-3" joints, tees, unions, etc, +small tubing push fits, ABS plastic bulkheads 1-3", external overflow, $50 for all

Pictures can be seen in criagslist posting

No shipping, local pickup only. I'm in Apex,NC

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Did you sell this dude? I'm looking for such an aquarium. It's been a request of our son to buy an aquarium and get some fishies for him. He really loves marine life and I think he got obsessed with them after a visit few years ago to Singapore's aquarium while we were on vacation there. I was looking at plants and decoration on and they have some great prices for the plants and backgrounds. Now it's all about getting a good large aquarium and some tropical species of fish. I'm planning to make it a surprise since his birthday is approaching soon.
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