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Selling some of my books. All books are in great condition with zero damage.

The Reef Aquarium:The Science, art, and Technology- In my opinion this is the quintessential book for the marine hobbyist or even for someone who wants to drill and plumb their own tanks. This book talks about it all. $60

The Marine fish health and feeding handbook- Great book that focuses on keeping your fish in top health through education on food sources and a wealth of information on disease and treatments. $20

Invertebrates:A quick reference guide- Just what the title says, a quick reference guide on identifying marine invertebrates and their basic care requirements. $10

Corals:A quick reference guide-Part of the same series of the above book, both great to have, a quick reference guide on identifying corals and their basic care requirements. $10

The Conscienctious Marine Aquarist- A staple in the marine aquarium hobby. Great for those new or thinking about getting into the hobby. $25

Aquarium Corals:Selection, Husbandry and Natural History- Fantastic book for identifying corals, learning about their natural habitats and the care they require. A must for anyone planning on keeping coral. Also a great reference guide to have on you when you see that great looking coral at the LFS but you don't know if it is right for you tank. $25
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