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at least 6000 lumens of light

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about to set up my 40b fw planted tank soon and would like a 36inch light with at least 6000 lumens of output.

or could do two lights that make that, no matter what it is I NEED 6000 LUMENS
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bump also looking for 40b equipment
Your going to want to go with a 1000 watt metal halide. I have one on a dimmable ballast, 75% to 100% produces 1000 par (or more bulb was a year old) at the top of the water. Which = 7100 lumens if my math is correct.
thatd be awesome if i could use one that strong but i cant go over 6700 lumens for this project. aunts bringing back fw plants from the Philippines and id fry them
^^??? A 1000w halide would cook a 40b, 75,000 lumens at 100%

Metal halides should produce around 75 lumens per watt, LEDs are supposed to be higher but I've seen reports that most fixtures you'll end up about the same as halides. So a 75w halide would be a little under a 150 would be way over. or 120w led fixture should be good as well provided it is dimmable. T5s you'd need at least an 8 bulb unit, but it depends on the bulb. Look up luminous efficiency and it will give you a good idea of lumens per watt on most lighting types
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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