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auto top off

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Does anybody have a ato or know where I can get a ato for a decent price
Thanks for any info
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I have a Tunze Osmolator universal 3155. I payed $99 for it. new it sells for $180. I currently have no use for it as I went Freshwater with glass top and I lose very little water to Evaporation. can sell for $60
910-386-9729 tis my cell.
Does it come with a pump or is there anything that would have to be bought for it.
It comes with pump, float and all tubing. I talked with someone and he is interested if he Doesn't want it you are next on list, if you are still interested.
You can make one that is sensitive enough to add 10 Ml of water to a 20 gallon tank for under 20.00 bucks....I have a few that I have been using for over ten years with no problem....It is a radio shack black project box 2.39,a float switch 7.00,2 120v indicator lights one red one green,1.99,an on/off switch 1.50,power recepticle 1.89 and a power chord 1.59......Their is a picture of what one looks like on my page....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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