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Just reached retirement age and decided it was time to set up a new fish room. Still partial to African cichlids. After scouring CL and offerup for a couple of weeks, I ended up with a workshop full of tanks and equipment mostly free. This is my current setup which is still growing:
10 gal quarantine tank

20 gal with 5 tiger Barbs

20 gal with five fish breeding colony. Ngara flametail peacock juveniles

29 gal with five fish breeding colony. Firefish peacock juveniles

40 gal 4 fish breeding colony. Species 35 tomato haps

55 gal 19 fish mixed colony. Mbunas from
2-3 inches. More females than males.

As all my babies grow they will be transferred to larger tanks. Already did that with the species 35 tomato haps.

Looking forward to becoming a part of your online community.
Jim Miller
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