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I have for sale two BoostLED Generation 1 Mu 135w fixtures. Here is the description from their website a few yrs ago.:
BoostLED™ is proud to introduce our NEW Mu Series 135W LED Module which features a combination of Cool White, Royal Blue, and Violet (420nm) LED's to give your tank a very crisp 14,000 Kelvin look. There are two separate switches and cords so that you can hook them up to controllers/timers. One of the switch/cord will control Royal Blue and Violet LED's, which can be used to simulate dusk and dawn lighting. These fixtures are GREAT for larger tanks or tanks with depths greater than 18". Each fixture will provide excellent light coverage for a 24" x 20" area and provide great PAR output that rivals metal halide setups. Low power consumption and high energy efficiency make these ideal for eco-conscious reefers.

PAR results (in micromoles/m^2/sec) with Apogee Quantum PAR meter are as follows:

At LED Module Surface - 3700
Water Surface (fixture 5" away) - 1750
5" below water surface - 582
12" below water surface - 320
18" below water surface - 241
24" below water surface – 121

A couple of things to note:
• This is the first generation of this fixture. I included the above description because they no longer offer it, and the specs aren’t on their site any more.
• They are NOT dimmable. Also believe they can’t be used with a controller.
• There is a little salt creep damage on the bottom. They were close to the water line near my returns. You can see it a little bit on the bottom fixture on the black parts bordering the light. This doesn’t affect the light in anyway, just a little unsightly. In fact you can’t see it unless viewed from the bottom.

I’m asking $250 for both + shipping OBRO.

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