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It is with a heavy heart that I must break down my reef. We are moving and the deal I made with my lady involved no more reef tank for now. I am selling all of my corals from a well established reef tank. I have several show peices of Acros that you just can't walk into a store to by, and then a few show LPS. The rest are peices that were regularly fragged and not so large. The only peices under 1 year old are the Mystic Sunrise monti (which has tripled in size) and the Montipora Spongoides. the rest are all well established corals.

I am accepting offers for the entire lot or individual peices. Please PM me if interested in individual pieces. I will give one week for someone to take the whole set. If not, the individual peices are first come first serve so PM if you see something you want. I can email pictures of anything you want to see. The list with prices is as follows:

6'' ORA California Tort $125 (kept directly under 250W halide, very very blue tips on purple body, grows much faster than oregon tort, maybe 3-4'' per year, pictures attatched)
6+'' Turquise Blue Staghorn Acro $80
6'' ORA Bali Green Slimer Acro $65
6'' ORA Scripps Green Staghorn Acro (fastest growing suff I have ever seen, 1'' per month under good conditions) $65
4.5'' Montipora Spongoides $50
3'' ORA indigo purple tip staghorn Acro $50
3" Strawberry Shortcake Acro $45
3" Red Milli Acro $40
3'' Red Sherbert Tabling Acro $40
ORA mystic sunrise encrusting montipora (will break off what I can, its encrusting) $50
4'' Red Montipora Capricornicus $40
4'' ORA pink birds nest $40
5.5'' Green Pavona $40
5'' ORA Elkorn Montipora $35
Blue and Green Tabling Acro (colony is 6+'' but attatched to rocks, won't come off in one piece but grows real fast) $35

Green Frogspawn 30+ heads $85 or $8 per head
Green Hammer Coral opens 5'' $50
Aussie Pink Green Blasto 6 heads $50
Aussie blue and green Brain 4'' $35
Green Pectinia 5'' $35
Candy Cane 4.5'' $35
As many Green Star Polyps as you could take Free with my sympathy :surrender:

4'' Purple Crocea Clam $40

I would accept $800 For everything.

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Wow. The response has been fast. If anyone wants the whole set I will hold everything until Tuesday. Otherwise, the following have already been claimed as individual pieces:

California Tort
Turquois Staghorn
Scripps Staghorn
Bali Green Slimer
Strawberry Short Cake
Mystic Sunrise
Elkhorn Montipora

Blue and Green Brain
Purple Crocea Clam

I also forgot one piece. I have a 3 inch Yellow Turbinaria. $35

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Hate I missed this as I'm in CH everyday.......

If anything is left let me know - I'm local so I could get it off your hands quickly.
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