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Calerpa or any other Nitrate eating plant

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Just got back from outta town and all of the plants in my fuge died do to the light bulb going out a week ago. Nitrates went threw the roof, luckily no fish died. Long story short, I'm looking for calerpa or any other plants. I'm in the Fayetteville area so i can meet you if you like.

Loren I dried calling you, guess your still on deployment..... Lol.

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If you or anyone else makes it near Wilmington I have a bunch of feather calupera you can have
I got allot of mangroves in the shop, could probably big up a small bunch of cheto.
Both of the above, plus flame algae and codium. MIGHT be able to dig up a little bit of grape also. Halimedia, but I don't see that taking up as much nitrate as it does calcium/buffer...
Are any of you guys close to Fayetteville or will you ship if I send you funds via paypal?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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