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"Carolina Blue" Clownfish(s) For Sale

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I have been in the hobby for a number of years, and have been experimenting with exotic/rare color-morphians for a while. Many of you may know that many whole sellers will use dye injections to "create" wild colors and "rare" fish breeds. Though, this can also be done thru back-breeding. The back breeding process, simply put, is done by breeding offspring with a parent. I have bred countless batches of clowns, starting with ORA snowflakes, and have come up with this new breed which I call, "Carolina Blue's".

I just hatched a clutch of aprox. 65 fry, and they will be ready for purchase in one month.

Price starts at $250 or $350 for two individuals.

You may pay pal me, or pay by cash if you wish to pick one up in person.

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Aprils fools....
No, these are actually real.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no one will pay for something that's carolina blue, duke blue maybe but not carolina.
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Isn't Carolina and Duke Blue just past tense for Carolina and Duke Blow?:funny::behave:
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Keeping with the extraordinary discovery of the Carolina blue clown fish a couple others have been revealed today.

A new clownfish whale has been discovered

along with ORA going the edible clownfish route.
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I'm holding out for the hot pink clown I saw on Pinterest!
Great News Everyone! I have just pioneered the use of an accelerated growth hormone, and wouldn't you know it!? I was able to breed my Carolina Blue Clownfish, and look at what I have come up with now, Dookie Blue Devil Clownfish! Sadly, I was not able to procure an ECU pirate clownfish. I have a lack of booty at the moment, so rearing would be extra hard! Ba-zing!

The Miracles of Science! Neil DeGrasse Tyson better watch out!

... Seriously though, Happy April fools day everyone!

And to the select few whom messaged me with interest in the Carolina Blue Clowns, I wont out you. (I do apologize, sorry.. I really did not think anyone would message me.)

But, don't be surprised if I bust out laughing at a huge frag swap when we all have our usernames on our name tags. :) :) :)
Just pmd you i want asap with a 500 dollar carolina blue coral pick up friday
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Now a ecu purple and gold tang I will buy
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