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Hey everyone, I am reorganizing my "fish room" and wanted to trade/sale some of my fish. These were bought with the intent of breeding; however, I haven't had much success in them. Please let me know if anyone would like them. I am willing to negotiate if someone takes them all. I am just trying to open up a couple more tanks and goes a little more towards mbuna instead of peacocks and Haps. Please give me a call/text 803-319-1201. Pick up is in Dalzell, SC.

Red Devil ~10-11" - $30 (also get 2x 3.5-4" red devil (potential females)

Red Tiger Oscar - has hole in the head (HID)- ~8" - $10 (Not my photo, but looks like him without HID

4x Red Empress Males 3.5-4.5" - $10 each

Breeding Pair of Jack Dempseys - $40 for both

OB Peacocks - ~1"-1.25" - $2 each

Red Empress Fry - ~0.5"-1.25" - $2 Each

Yellow Lab Fry - ~0.25"-1" - $1 each (Sorry for bad picture quality)

Yellow Top Hongi Fry (was told these were yellow tops by IntoTheRift) - ~0.75"-1.25"

Green Terror 3-3.5" - $Free
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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