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Clam question

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My tank is just over five months old. Fish, coral and inverts are doing well. Parameters are pretty good, though PH is just a bit low. So, is it okay to put a clam in now, or should I wait until the tank is more established, around one year? I have the Maxspect 160 watt/1600K LED fixture over a 57 gallon, which is 20" deep.
I'm thinking a Derasa would be the best with this lighting, though I'd prefer a Crocea.
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You have enough light for any clam you prefer and you are fine to add a clam at this point. People put too much worry in owning clams they are alot more tuff than they are given credit for. I have a 34 cube 165watt Reef Radiance fixture and 7 clams 2 Squamosa, 1 Derasa, and 4 Crocea. My biggest clam is bigger than a 20oz drink bottle. I've set clams in newly setup aquariums and they do fine they absorb ammonia and use it for food.
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Thanks for the input. Are you by chance selling any of your clams? If not, where do you get yours? I would like to get one at least four inches.
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