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Coral for sale

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I am selling my cap that has outgrown the tank.. Asking 100 for whole rock.. Also have a chalice that I would let go that is to big also asking 60 for it
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It is actually a rock with 3 diffrent colors on it...
I'm interested depending on the color, do you have any other pics, also how big is it?

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Here is a picture from top for size
Wow that's nice. Wish I had the cash and space in my 60
How much to have you break off a piece of the red cap
I will also brake the chalice if anyone is interested ..
I wld buy whole cap if ever make it Jville way and if still available!
Dont make it there very often but same to you if you ever make it to raleigh and still available...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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